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Grant FuhrGlove Save!
These 2 of Grant Fuhr from Blues Website

Twist-er and Chelios
Blackhawks Chelios taking ballet lesson from TWISTER!!  (notice Twist's knuckles here!)

Twist in a bad moment
Can't win'em all....but Twist gets his revenge next meeting!

Pavol DemitriBob Bassen on his return to the Blues A.P. photos

Coytes Khabibulin (Hobgoblin) Blues Demitri      Canadiens Cummins, and Blues Bassen

Mike Eastwood and BelfourThe DOMINATOR  A.P. photos

    Stars Belfour and Blues Eastwood                     Sabers goalie Hasek

click here for full size pic of masks   Click here for KC Star article on goalie masks.

A little Av and Wings action
Roy and Vernonsmile for the camera!
nyuk yuk yuk...ohhh....wiiise guuuyy!Party at center ice!

Medic!If I cant take Vernon..I'll try his back-up!

Now ... some of me in action!

Captaiiinnn....Michigannnn!ohhh baayyybeee...whadda save!

me at my post....  One of me in typical the 'pewter!

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