A Missouri Cutbirth family history in photos







The Cutbirth, Brown, Maples, and Ellingsworth families of Christian and Stone Counties in Missouri


angus.jpg  swatch of Scottish colors for clan Cuthbert

annjones.jpg  wife of Henry Cutbirth

bert-lu.jpg 1st son/dau in law of Frank J. Cutbirth Sr

clodaghm.gif  another Scottish swatch

cutbirth.jpg 4 pics-Frank Sr/Bertie; Frank Jr/Verl Maples; Frank Sr; Frank Jr/Alta Ellingsworth

cutcollg.jpg collage of Cutbirths ---WARNING!! Long loading file!

danhana.jpg Daniel/Hanna Overstreet Cutbirth

frank-sr.jpg Frank J. Cutbirth Sr

frk-alta.jpg Frank J. Cutbirth Jr/Alta Marie Ellingsworth

frk-brty.jpg Frank J. Sr/Bertie

frk-vrl.jpg Frank J. Cutbirth Jr/ Verl Maples

idaho.jpg Bert Cutbirth's Idaho descendants from first marriage of Frank Sr.

jesse_~1.jpg Jessie Cutbirth-Maples and family

jesse_~2.jpg and another of Jessie and family

les-minn.jpg Lester Cutbirth, wife Minnie Ellingsworth-Cutbirth. Lester brother of Frank J. Sr.

loyd.jpg Floyd, brother to Frank J. Cutbirth Jr

ralph.jpg Ralph/Minnie Ellingsworth-Cutbirth (not to be confused with Lester's wife)

roy-w.jpg Roy Wayne Cutbirth, brother to Frank J. Cutbirth Jr.

siblings.jpg Roy W., Jessie, Frank Jr, Floyd

william.jpg  William Cutbirth, son of Daniel and Hannah

ww1.jpg George Cutbirth, WW1 picture

Brown families

brown'~1.jpg Samuel J. and Lucinda Brown anniversery, uncle and aunt of Bertie Cutbirth

browns.jpg more of S.J. and Lucinda Brown

cleo.jpg Bertie, Cleo, and Jessie

lem-sara.jpg Williem "Lem" and Sarah Brown, parents of Bertie Brown-Cutbirth

marion.jpg  William Marion Brown, grandfather to Bertie Brown Cutbirth, andhis wife Lucinda Swadley Brown

wsbrown.jpg  Xerox of William and Sarah Brown family


Various other Clan Cutbirth images

dan.jpg David Daniel Cutbirth

daniel.jpg page from Tippah? Co Mississippi History Adobe version

dragcano.jpg  pencil sketch of what Dragging Canoe may have looked like - Brown ancestor

howell.jpg possible burial site of Benjamin Cutbirth Sr.

munden.jpg Rebecca Munden- Ben Cutbirth Jr line- pic from Gladys Treadway

cutb.jpg Sam Cutbirth Sr- Reagan Co TX Judge



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Written histories of Cutbirth and allied kinfolks

Narrative on Ben Cutbirth Sr Microsoft Word document

Verl Maples history-husband to Jessie Cutbirth Microsoft Word document

Family history on Burt Cutbirth of Idaho Microsoft Word document

Daniel Boone Cutbirth II family history Adobe PDF

Daniel Boone Cutbirth III Civil War Adobe PDF


  Land Entries  in Adobe PDF

Andrew Cutbirth Taney Co MO Ben Cutbirth Texas County MO
Daniel Cutbirth land entry 1 Greene Co MO Daniel Cutbirth land entry 2  Greene Co MO
George Cutbirth Greene Co MO Henry Cutbirth Greene Co MO
Ira Cutbirth Greene Co MO Joseph Cutbirth Greene Co MO
Martin Cutbirth Greene Co MO  


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