My Cochran's come from Patric Cochran, Irish immigrant, probably born ca.
1755.  Had son John Sr, est. birth, 1775 m. Nelly Maneese.  John Whitsett Cochran ,
born 1798 in TN, married Rebecca Fly, daughter of Elisha Fly Jr.  Marriage
recorded in Williamson Co TN courthouse, June 19,1818. Great grandson
of Patric (Ammon Cochran) kept travel log/diary that claims Patric was
grandfather to Ammon's father, John.  One of the two John's was killed by a
colored man in TN, probably John Sr.  Also WFT has Patric as ancestor to
this family.  Starting from me, going backwards in time....


Name:James Edward III COCHRAN Sex:M

Birth:11 Oct 1966 Place:Springfield,Green,MO

Marr:14 Sep 1991 Spouse:Barbara Joy Mcadams COCHRAN

Father:James Edward II COCHRAN Mother:Linda Kay Cochran CUTBIRTH


1-Patrick Alan Mcadams COCHRAN (adopted )

2-Joshua Brandt COCHRAN


Name:James Edward II COCHRAN Sex:M

Birth: 4 Sep 1947 Place:Cleveland,Ohio

Marr:16 Dec 1965 Spouse:Linda Kay Cochran CUTBIRTH

Father:James Edward Sr COCHRAN Mother:Wetona Cochran-Menzies LENTZ

Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Stepfather is Jack A. Menzies.


1-James Edward III COCHRAN

2-Gary Kenneth COCHRAN


Name:James Edward Sr COCHRAN Sex:M

Birth: 1 Aug 1921 Place:Gilliam,,Arkansas

Marr:(div) Spouse:Wetona Cochran-Menzies LENTZ

Marr:(div) Spouse:Ruby UNKNOWN

Marr:(div) Spouse:Shirly "Lee" UNKNOWN

Father:James Nicholas COCHRAN-91 Mother:Bessie Mae Cochran JEANES

Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------

May have been born in De Kalb ARK. Four marriages. No children # 3 marriage

--CHILDREN--Marr #1

1-James Edward II COCHRAN

--CHILDREN--Marr #2

1-Michael Edward COCHRAN

2-Linda Sue COCHRAN

3-Wanda Fae COCHRAN

4-Kenneth Wayne COCHRAN

5-Brenda COCHRAN

6-Leonard Stephen COCHRAN

--CHILDREN--Marr #4

1-John Allen COCHRAN

2-Mark Edward COCHRAN

3-Keith Brian COCHRAN (deceased)

4-Lon Joseph COCHRAN

5-Mellissa Ann COCHRAN


Name:James Nicholas COCHRAN Sex:M

Birth:24 Sep 1892 Place:De Kalb,,TX

Marr:29 Jun 1918 Spouse:Bessie Mae Cochran JEANES

Death:12 Jan 1981 Place:Texarkana,,Arkansas

Burial:14 Jan 1981 Place:Texarkana,,AR,Rock Spr. Cemty.

Father:Francis Marion COCHRAN    Mother:Mary Jane CAPPS

Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Nickname was DOC. Spent 6 months in jail for "moonshinen'"


1-James Edward Sr COCHRAN

2-Lula Madge Cochran PRYOR
3-Wanda Cochran
4-Francis Cochran CATES
5-Leroy Cochran
6-Dorothy Cochran KRECIE


Name:Francis Marion COCHRAN Sex:M

Birth: 3 Jan 1855 Place:Greenfield?,Weakley Co.?,`TN

Marr:21 May 1875 Spouse:Mary Jane CAPPS

Death: 1910 Place:Idabel,,OK

Father:James Maneese COCHRAN     Mother:Fielder SMITH

Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Born in 1853- according to 1860 census in Weakley Co. TN, named as Marion.

Information courtesy Madge Cochran. 


1-Minervia Jane COCHRAN

2-Jesse Marion COCHRAN

3-Henry Samuel COCHRAN


5-Mable Princess COCHRAN

6-Margaret COCHRAN

7-James Nicholas COCHRAN

8-Laura Elizabeth COCHRAN

9-Franklin COCHRAN


Name:James Maneese COCHRAN Sex:M

Birth:23 Feb 1819 Place:

Marr:12 Feb 1839 Spouse:Fielder SMITH

Marr: 7 Jan 1875 Spouse:Sarah ROBERTS

Death:Aft Jan 1875 Place:

Father:John Whitsett COCHRAN     Mother:Rebecca "Becky" FLY


1-Amanda Melvina COCHRAN 


3-Samuel S COCHRAN

4-Rebecca E COCHRAN

5-Ammon Newton COCHRAN

6-Mitchell B. COCHRAN

7-James W. COCHRAN

8-Emily Jane COCHRAN

9-Francis Marion COCHRAN

10-Sarah COCHRAN

11-Emerson E COCHRAN


Name:John Whitsett COCHRAN Sex:M ID No:

Birth: Feb 1798 Place:,Davidson Co.,TN

Marr: Spouse:Rebecca "Becky" FLY

Death: 1868 Place:probably,Carroll Co.,TN

Father: Mother:

Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Had 2 dau. b.1824 & 25. No other info at this time


1-James Maneese COCHRAN


3-Elenor (Ellen) COCHRAN

4-Sarah Ann COCHRAN

5-Ammon Dixon COCHRAN

6-Margaret E COCHRAN

7-Irene Rebbeca COCHRAN


John Cochran Sr  married Elenor  "Nelly" Manese, then Susanna Ricer.  Had 16
children known from both wonder there are so many Cochran's
out there today!

Children w/ Nelly:
1.James Cochran born ca. 1795, settled in Izzard Co ARK.
2.William Cochran, b. 1795-1797, settled in Moscow, Hickman Co KY.
3.John Whitsett Cochran. (my gggg grandfather- may have been the John killed
by black man)
4.Ammon Cochran.  b. after 1798. Lived in Nashville, TN.
5.Manese Cochran.  No other info.
6.Peggy Cochran, married Dan Ireland, Sept 15, 1812, probably in Williamson
or Davidson Co TN.
7.Polly Cochran married Henry Mullins, 9 Aug 1814. Williamson or Davidson Co
8.Elizabeth Cochran, married to John Brown, lived in Wilson Co TN.
9.Sally Cochran, married first to  ?  Booth, then to John Garner, they lived
in Lawrence Co ARK
10.Nancy Cochran, married Issac Manese, either in Robinson Co ARK, or
Robertson Co TN.
11 Jane Cochran, married Bob Wisener 4 Aug 1825.  Lived in Ozark,
Greene/Christian Co

Children with Susanna Ricer:

1.Nathaniel Cochran, lived in Williamson Co. TN.
2.Thomas R. Cochran, born 1816.
3.Delila Cochran, married to William Pomeroy, 5 June 1839.  Lived in
Williamson Co TN.
4.Louise Cochran, married James C. Johnson 8 Feb 1850, and lived in
Williamson Co TN.
5.Neely Cochran.  No info.


Descendants of Patric Cochran:

1.James Cochran, b.after 1770, settled on Clark River above Mayfield KY.
2.George Cochran, b. after 1770, settled in ILL on Ohio River at Metropolis.
3.John Cochran, b. ca. 1775, settled in TN, may have been killed by a black
man. (my ggggg grandfather)
4.William Cochran, b. ca. 1775.  Killed while young, by Indians, possibly in
5.Dinah Cochran, b after 1775.  Married a Callahan, Callalan.

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