Cape locum et fac vestigium.....Take a stand and make a mark.

                    THE ELLINGSWORTHS....


Robert and Anna, parents of John W. and Marion. John and Amanda Jane parents of Elmer and Eddie. Elmer and Bertha parents of Ralph and Alta. Robert, Richard, and Bill are grandsons of Eddie and Nellie. Melvin grandson of Marion and Loutisha. Fletcher nephew of Robert, and he is also the husband of Cordelia. They are parents of William Jessie, and Martha. Minnie, wife of Lester, was daughter of William Henry Ellingsworth, a brother to Fletcher. Josiah is a distant cousin to Robert.

Robert, Anna, John W. , A. Jane, Melvin, Marion/Loutisha, Eddie/Nellie, Agnes, Robert, Richard,and Bill Ellingsworth, courtesy Bob Ellingsworth, grandson of Eddie and Nellie


 W. Jessie, Fletcher, Martha, Cordelia, and Josiah Ellingsworth courtesy Sharan Ellingsworth Lesmeister, grandaughter of William Jessie Ellingsworth


Elmer, Bertha, Alta, Ralph, Ralph/Minnie Courtesy of me, Jim Cochran, g grandson of Elmer and Bertha


Lester and Minnie (Ellingsworth) Cutbirth courtesy of Ina Rae Cutbirth of Reeds Spring Mo.

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      Anna Ellingsworth's story, by a granddaughter     


updated 18 JULY 1998